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Atomic Dudes
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. About usThanks to all members of AD family.
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Atomic Dudes was founded on 4 September, 2017 by a group of crazy gamers who are still addicted and love playing CS 1.6 when the entire counter strike community has moved on to CS GO. Our mission is to "provide a better place to all gamers of all calibers form across the world to enjoy the game and be part of AD family ". Our servers are running 24*7 managed by our server managers along with the founder and co-founders who are one of the most dedicated and experienced in the gaming world. We strongly beleive in unity, loyalty and integrity. We play as a family helping others not only improve their gameplay but also provide a competitive gaming experience. What was to come was a transformation of a small emerging clan of 4-5 members into a family of 40+ members from all the parts of the world.

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