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Map Name: de_aztec

Bomb site A: Through Gate

Bomb site B: Through Bridge

Category: Competitive

For Counter-Terrorist
  • Generally being a CT is the most difficult job in this match as you have to guard both bombsites without knowing which bombsite will be attacked when and how. So all you need to do is have a knowledge of T game side. You should know basic thing that T side will be all together so if CT split themselves in first round then they will surely loose it because it won’t be 5v5 but it will be 5v2 or 5v3 mostly. So it’s better all CT’s should not split for pistol round nd should go from B side.
  • If in first round all T’s come A side then it’s quite easy for CT’s to switch side from A to B by using water or A doors or the path that leads to A. In this case they can wreck the T’s and can dominate them completely if they don’t split.
  • In the above pic, green lines shows directions where you can hide and easily kill your enemy. Also the guy who is holding m4, if he can be an AWPER at the same place is an added advantage to the side as he can himself kill all players passing by. If T’s try to come by water then remaining players job is to kill them. This is called a good coordination and a better gameplay which is needed to win maps.
  • Some more hiding spots which can be usefull for CT side if they want to win rounds on time by just hiding and killing when they spot an enemy.
  • If CT side keeps winning rounds, then they should not loose their patience and rush trying to kill T side because at the same time T side will be holding back and if you rush and get killed then you will be on backtrack as you will die, you will provide them gun and chances are more that they might win the round too. So CT’s need to be patient and should wait for T side to peep in.
  • 1 player should continuously watch water. And he should tell his other teammates or inform them if they are coming through water so that others who are hiding and waiting for enemies will just backup the player who has seen them coming towards him.
  • And last but not least, defusal kit is a necessary weapon for CT side as you will require time to kill your opponent and then defuse so everyone must carry it. And everyone should play for team and not for frags. Then and their a team will prosper and win.
For Terrorist
  • The main job of terrorists is to plant the bomb at bombsite and then guard it from counter terrorists who are defusing it
  • Starting with pistol round each and every terrorist must be aware that there are 2 bombsites and in the first round the best option for bomb plant is at bombsite B. The main reason is ct’s have to guide 2 bombsites so chances are more that they will split to guard both bombsites. T side must be aware of it and in first round should buy grenades and flashbangs to destroy ct’s completely buy rushing to b bombsite through bridge.
  • If T’s win first round then they will surely dominate CT’s again and again in upcoming rounds. Only difference is that they need to know when to plant A, when to plant B, when to rush, when to hold, when to switch and when to kill.
  • For eg. in the above pic, T side are not having guns and they are playing on pistols and smgs, so they can hold and pick their enemy. In this case camping proves to be best option. CT’s unknowingly rush to kill enemies as they are winning rounds and by their own mistake get killed and there this mistake may cause team to lose match.
  • A gameplay and a good game sense comes in action when you are losing rounds. By wining 2 3 rounds one team might rush out so hard that they might end up killing each other in friendly fire or might end up being killed by grenade so never win rounds in a hurry. Play with time. Utilize it.
  • T’s must be able to control map as they have to plant the bomb. Water plays an important factor in this match. For eg. if there is an AWPER from CT side at bridge then 1 T player can go through water and flash him and rest players can rush at the same time killing the AWPER and taking control of the site.
  • All players playing this map must be able to understand radio commands. If at the end it’s 2v3 or 3v2 then the radio commands come in action if both players are not at the same place. Also RADAR reading is must in this map so as to know our teammates position and whether he is being attacked or not.


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