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Map Name: de_train

Bomb site A: Inner Trainyard

Bomb site B: Outer Trainyard

Category: Competitive

For Counter-Terrorist
  • First and foremost important thing being a CT side is to win the Pistol round as it will help to take the firm initiative on the overall game.
  • Always try to hide and kill as much as possible because the sole purpose of being a CT is to not allow Terrorists to Plant C4.
  • Always make sure to divide the team equally to guard the bomb sites. Like, for ex:- If it is a 5 vs 5 match, make sure the formation is always 2-a 3-b or 3-a 2-b.
  • Always try to communicate to your fellow teammates about bomb drop, enemy spotted, if back up needed etc etc. through mic or team chat by pressing key “U”.
  • Try to utilize grenades, flash bangs and smoke grenade to disturb the enemy or to hide yourself. Never let go waste of these equipment’s
  • Always before buying any arms, the most important thing for a CT to buy first is Defusal Kit as it helps to diffuse the bomb sooner.
For Terrorist
  • Being a terrorists in Train Map is bit tough compared to CT because T’s need to plant C4 before 90 sec of the round started and the geographical side of this map is bit tougher for T’s to rush and plant the C4. So, its always better to hold for few seconds and analyse your enemies and then rush or do something else to kill CT’s and plant the Bomb.
  • Since there are two bomb sites, all the members in team can go towards only one area to plant bomb as it will be easier than splitting the team. Note:- Another way of playing a smart round is to fake one bomb site by one member and remaining can go to other bomb site to plant as it will be confusing for CT to decide where the enemy is coming.
  • Always buy smoke grenades to smoke the planting area as it helps to cover yourself while planting and the CT’s will be in two minds to go for diffuse first or kill enemy first.
  • Use your economy in a smart way as T’s guns are way cheaper than CT guns, so if u kill a enemy, you can always take his/her dropped gun to play so that you save your economy is an efficient way.


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