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First of all, you shouldn't get pressurize yourself if you cant kill. Don't get panic if you meet multiple enemies. You should focus on staying alive and be calm. If you lose your calm, and risk your life on getting kills which are pretty hard, it will worsen your gameplay. Focus on your footsteps and radar. This footsteps + radar is a very good combo if you do it correctly. The white dot in radar is your teammate, if he reports then you will see a yellow color blinking on the dot, red color dot in radar (t side) is the bomber. Now with the knowledge of radar you should use it to kill enemy. Always have a note of where your teammates are ! If one of your teammate die you will lose a dot in your radar so you can guess where the enemy is. Always try to play smart rather risking your life in critical situations. If you are holding a good position then you've got great weapon accuracy, you can kill your enemies easily. This is where you should be alert and focused. Always look at the corners and dark spots. Enemies might hide in there to kill you. You can "prefire" shoot the place before he see you. But its also a very risky to do because, if you miss, and the enemy player is good, he'll prefire back and you're dead. So dont try this with low hp. Don't run on whole map. Walk instead of running. Don't give away your footsteps hearing because it would be easy for the enemy to hit you with pre-firing technique. Do some wallbangs, if an enemy hide behind a box or a wall you can shoot at the box/wall without going infront of him. Almost all walls and boxes can be hit through. And this wallbang can be done by using rifles,sniper and only 1 pistol which is deagle. SMG's cant penetrate through walls and box so, they cant wallbang. Understand how rifles and snipers work. Rifle like The AK-47 is a very effective weapon with great power no matter how far your enemy is.On medium and long range, it can be also used as a sniper without scope. It has a very high rate of fire and comes at a very reasonable price. Its one of the strongest rifle in the game. If your using an ak then recoil control is not as easy as it may seem. Timing and accuracy is very important. When the crosshair expands, pull your crosshair down towards the body. By doing this, you’ll get a nice and clean shot. Long range try to do the 3 bullets burst or 2 bullet burst because 1 tap is not that easy. Short to medium range you can tap or spray. If you master the spray then you will love the weapon. Always try to aim on enemies neck instead of cheat or head. It gives you perfect headshot in 2nd or 3rd bullet. Snipers (AWP/Magnum) is very strong weapon and also a weak weapon. It can kill an enemy with 1 bullet on the body(except legs) but its weakness is, it has a very slow firing rate,movement speed and reload speed. It is a devastatingly powerful long range weapon, with extreme accuracy and obscene stopping power. When not scoped in, the rifle is very inaccurate and has no crosshair to aim. You can use "quickscope"by pressing "Q" double times. It helps in most situations on aiming enemy perfectly. Unlike other sniper rifles, instead of focusing on the head, aim for the chest as much as possible. The chest presents a much larger target, and the damage done by an AWP shot is more than enough to kill the enemy in a single shot. Unless it don't hit a box or wall infront. Using Flashes,Grenade and Smokes is a great advantage for winning rounds. But can be difficult at starts. Using a flashbang is extremely helpful against campers and holders. Try to throw a flashbang when enemies are occupied and do not notice you, specifically from somewhere they cant see you. Try not to peek when throwing or else you might get killed while holding it in hand. Throwing smokes on bomb after planted is a good way to prevent them from defusing but needs 2 or more. If ur in CT throwign 2 smokes and defuse will work as well sometimes, or throwing in in specific place like "connector" etc... would be a great advantage of securing an area. Use he grandes ( nade ) when u done enough damage to him or if he got shot and ran back, then you can throw nade and kill him. It's very effective. Now after reading this by going to server and doing all these doesn't mean you can become pro in a day. Practice makes you perfect.


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