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Ban Appeal (Format)

Here's the process you all need to follow if you want to BAN someone who's Hacking.

Step 1 : If you think someone is hacking record .dem file . You can record by typing " record rec_name " on console and start recording instantly and if you want to stop recording go to console and type stop. It will stop you recording and will save it in cstrike folder. Example :- G:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike .

Step 2 : After this post your Ban Appeal here only.

Step 3 : Keep in mind that your pattern should be simple and effective. Here's an example to help you out.

Your Nick - The Lame Hacker(NooB [Image: icon_lol.gif] ) - Reason(Precisely the type of hack he's using) - Upload your file you recored(.dem file or any)

You can upload demo file on any cloud server and post link here. 

Now go Ban those Lame Hackers who infiltrate our Servers and create the unusual nuisance.
[Image: 76561198440248979.png]

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