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Recommended setting for lag / FPS

How to get 100 fps in game?

Many of you don't know the reason behind lag even if your internet has high uploading and downloading speed for e.g. 50mbps.
One of the reason is low Fps. So how will you get 100fps in game. Try below commands in console.

Developer 1
Fps_max 100
Fps_override 1
Gl_vsync 0

If you don't see any change in fps try :-

1. Just press your windows key but do not close your game 

2. Now go back to game and check fps.

Note:- It may require restart game sometimes.

I would recommend you to download razer cortex software. It will help you to get better result.

If fps hasn't increased yet then try following steps:-

For win 8
1. Open search bar and type local services 
2. Look for supertech 
3. Open properties
4. Startup should be manual and I don't remember something after startup which should be stopped 
5. Apply 

Restart your system..

Important: Go to system properties and check whether all drivers are installed and updated.

Any query write us at
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