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Big Grin 
1). Nick : [AD]~AJISK 
REAL NAME: Akash Jain

2). Date of birth: 21/02/2000

3). Current city: pune(Maharashtra)

4). Hometown:Gulbarga (karnataka)

5). Profession: A student  

6). Why would you like to join Atomic Dudes Clan? (If you applied for membership)
Hey , I Akash jain   joined atomicdudes because  it is the only clan I felt as my second family, by gaming  and . learning all skills from every player of atomicdudes is  lucky for me, and the admins. and co founder are trying their best to make this clan hackless.clan, and we don't give a chance to survive!!!  be a ATomic! Smile
7). If you have any suggestion or feedback for the server,  I .have suggestion not for the sv but for players, if you are a captain in any wars and you leave inbetween the war then  its it's that good, because of you all start to leave, and .in any wars pls keep the starting money 800,  or else from first round everyone buy awp, and no skills for pistol round then, to improve we should learn with all guns,  
 thank you.                                               yoursfaithfully

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