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Clan staff application (Format)

1). In-game Nick:-

2). Real Name:-

3). Age:-

4). Country:-

5). Other Nicks:-

6). Are you a steamer? If yes then provide ID

7). How long have you been playing Counter Strike?

8). Do you have basic knowledge of demo? If yes, then share path of demo in steam and how to play it.

9). According to you, What should a moderator should do to make clan much stronger and better?

10). Are you a member of any clan? If yes, then write name of clan.

11). What will you do to bring new players?

12). What will you do if you find your player hacking on any server?

13). What will you do if someone ask for another chance who was caught as hacker?

14). Define Clan.

15). Define your role.

To Apply for this position please create a new topic by click on top right hand side new topic button.
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