Server Merits and Demerits

This forum win help us to improve in server by your valuable feedback.
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Server Merits and Demerits

Post by QuInS-O-MaStEr » Thu Sep 06, 2018 1:54 pm

Hello World! This is QuInS-O-MaStEr
In this forum, I am going to tell some Merits and Demerits of the Sv.
  • This server has good plugins. It Means that this can help it out in our gameplay.
  • Good Practice, all the admins are doing their great work.
  • There is always a lag issue in the sv. This needs to be improved by anti-lag.amxx
  • Sometimes admins do their choice. They never listen to other players, and then other players have to forcibly leave the sv.
  • There must be some more plugins i.e. -
    1. The war plugin(War must be started automatically for practice when there are 11+ players.)
    2. Accuracy fix(Not everybody has a good ISP, the one who has not, experiences lag issue. So there must be accuracy fix for them so that they don't face aim missing.)
    3. rtv Map Change (When there is no admin, you must provide a list of maps when there are 1/2+1 votes of current players, this will be helpful for other players.)
    4. Anti-hack, waller.amxx (This will prevent hackers from playing in sv, and getting a ban automatically.)
    5. Vote ban (When there are 1/2+1 votes against a player, he must be banned for a specific period of time.)
  • For a good experience, the sv must have a good inter navigation system, currently, it has not. It means that one must be defined with all the commands he has the right of.
  • Also for this forum, one must have a right to share his/her experience by his own forum, not a new topic.
I hope you understand this and help to improve our sv.
With Regards,
Naman Vrati [YOUTUBER]
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Re: Server Merits and Demerits

Post by Arshaq.- » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:40 am

1. If war starts when 11+ players, Also having auto war start when 11+ we can't play awp_india and other aim maps with 11+ players as war will start automatically.

2. You can say adding good accuracy will fix your aiming accuracy on lag, but you must note that it effects your gameplay. Mainly controlling recoil. If you play with accuracy fixer then on clan wars or tournament we will be playing on different servers. We can't expect same accuracy fixer from them as well. So if you get used to this then you can't play with the default recoil.

3. RTV option, we had this before but no more since we have admin or vip to change map. Our vip can also vote for map change, we always have at least 1 vip in our server so this plugin wouldn't be necessary.

4. If i'm not wrong I think we have all the anti hack plugin, but there are some hacks which every server can't catch.

5. There are some guys who bans others for fun etc... Also if you get banned for a specific period of time by vote ban, then on forum you can't complain 1 player. You will have to complain all the players who voted for you. Example 7 voted to ban you and you get banned, You complain on forum and we will have to warn and then ban them all if they repeat. To avoid such incidents, it's better to have no voteban option.

6. Server is completely lag free. The lag your facing is from your ISP.

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Re: Server Merits and Demerits

Post by Miracle » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:55 am

Hi Quins-o-master,

There is no lag issue in server. You must set correct rates according to server configuration. There are some helping forums where you can check and .fix your issues.

Having rtv in server is good idea, previously we had it but due to misuse especially during war time. We had to remove it. Though I am bringing it back with some configuration so that players can't misuse it.

Misuse of powers by admins you can write us at with his Nick and full explanation, screenshot would be the best.

Good luck

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